Research and Publications


Empathic and Numerate Giving: The Joint Effects of Victim Images and Charity Evaluations” (with Robin Bergh (Harvard); Social Psychological and Personality Science, forthcoming.  Pre-print (RG) | html slides (general project) –   “o” for slide map

“Losing Face” with Thomas Gall, Southampton. Accepted for publication, Oxford Economic Papers (2018).  pdf most recent version (includes appendices, extra notes and comments)|  pdf UoE DP | Presentation slides 

“Ex-ante Commitments to `Give if you Win’ Exceed Donations After a Win” (Previously “Giving and Probability”) with Gerhard Riener, Mannheim; and Christian Kellner, Bonn/Southampton.  Forthcoming, Journal of Public Economics (2018).  Pre-publication WP updated (2018) slides (academic but short)

The Economics of the Gift in: Gift giving and the “embedded” economy in the ancient world, edited by Filippo Carlà and Maja Gori, Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg, 2014, pp. 83-99.

“Does One Contribution Come at the Expense of Another? Empirical Evidence on Substitution between Charitable Donations”, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 11:  Iss. 1 (Advances), Article 40. (2010)  [Working paper here] [Supplementary Appendix here]

“Decomposing Desert and Tangibility Effects in a Charitable Giving Experiment” with Gerhard Riener.  Experimental Economics,  Volume 15, Issue 1, January 2012.  pdf  | Working paper version

“Anonymous Ritualswith David Hugh-Jones [Max Planck Institute for Economics, Jena, Germany]. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 81 (2012), pp. 478-489.   pdf | Related cartoon

“Efficient Consumer Altruism and Fair Trade” with Joon Song [Essex]. Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Volume 21
 Number 1, Spring 2012.
pdf | presentation slides | teaching slides | Cartoon

“Reputation and Influence in Charitable Giving: An Experiment” with Gerhard Riener [Univ. of Jena, Germany]. Theory and Decision, Volume 72, Issue 2 (2012), Page 221-243. pdf | presentation slides

David Reinstein and Chris M. Snyder, ‘The Influence of Expert Reviews on Consumer Demand for Experience Goods: A Case Study of Movie Critics”, Journal of Industrial Economics, Vol. 53. No. 1, pp 27-51 (March 2005). Cartoon.

Working Papers

(for PDF’s click on links)

“Exclude the Bad Actors or Learn About the Group” with David Hugh-Jones. Pdf most recent versionPresentation slides | pdf Essex DP | Online appendix pdf  (older version)

“Listen to the Market, Hear the Best Policy Decision, but Don’t Always Choose it” with Joon Song, SKKU. PDF most recent version  |  pdf UoE DP    | Online Appendix pdf

“Substitution Among Charitable Contributions: An Experimental Study.”   Presentation slides | Wave 1 screenshots | PDF (updated 2012)

“Worth 1000 Words: The effect of social cues on a fundraising campaign in a government agency. A field experiment” with Michael Sanders, Harvard-JFK and Alex Tupper. pdf

The Government May Want to Encourage Price Discrimination by Income. Discussion paperSimple version

Work in Progress

“The Returns to Higher Education in the Netherlands: Estimates Based on Randomized Assignment” (With Mathias Parey, Essex)

“Public and Private Giving to Natural Disasters; Evidence from Natural Shocks

“Do piece-rate incentives really affect real-effort in the lab?” (ESSExLab experiment)

Essays for popular readers, plain language abstracts, outreach

Venn diagram of research: By TOPIC. By METHODS used. Discussion. Chart creation site.

Research “map”  (condensed) (expanded)

Early policy essays

On fiscal and diplomatic policy and the nonprofit sector (Reinstein, 1986)


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