Useful links: Data, software, journals, etc.

Data and statistics

Famously great tutorial: R for data science

Crowdsourced/social data site


AEAweb listing of links including data sources

Berkeley Econometrics Laboratory

Econometrics Laboratory DATA Archive at the University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Experimental Social Sciences Laboratory

Panel Study of Income Dynamics (USA)

Box office (movie) data

British Household Panel Survey

Consumer Expenditure Survey (USA)

UK Office for National Statistics

Information is beautiful

Visualizing Economics



Journal and working paper access, submission issues

Advanced Google Scholar search


WoPEc Main Page

Economic journals feedback project

Learning and software resources

Resources for learning Stata

Tutorial: regression with stata

Stata examples and datasets

Stata Textbook Examples, Introductory Econometrics by Jeffrey Wooldridge

Resources for learning SAS

Jakob’s LaTeX tricks.url

LyX | LyX – The Document Processor

Game theory resources

Forum: How to find a dissertation topic

Econport web glossary

Introduction to Economic Analysis (Preston MacAfee)

Jeff Butler’s lectures on behavioral economics (well presented!)


All errors are my own

Lost wallet test



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