Teaching, resources

Current teaching

Microeconomics (MSc: BEEM1010)

Economic Principles and Policy (UG: BEE2024)


Previous teaching

Ec355: Public Economics


This module analyses the economic rationale for “collective choice” in a market economy. We will consider measures of social welfare, equity and efficiency. We will evaluate the government’s ability to identify and achieve “better” outcomes, particularly under a democratic process. We will consider the economic case for interventions to redress market failures, to redistribute resources, and to provide public goods and services. This module is also applied: we will discuss and compare actual and proposed programmes in the UK and abroad in the areas of poverty reduction, education, and health

CMR (link)

EC951: Economics of Organisational Management (Masters)

Description: This module incorporates basic “principal-agent” contract theory in the context of hidden information and hidden actions, the modern theory of the firm, and incentive theory in light of empirical evidence, incorporating recent behavioural models. Applications include the optimal compensation of CEO’s, the “make or buy” decision, motivating team performance, and the impact of an altruistic manager.

CMR (link)

2008-2009, 2009-2010

2006/2007, 2007-2008

  • EC322: Microeconomics (Advanced, game theory focus)
  • EC951: Economics of Organisational Management (Masters)

TA work (UC Berkeley)

  • Introduction to Economics (Fall 2005)
  • Econometrics (advanced undergraduate) (Spring, 2004)
  • Economic Analysis for Business Decisions (Executive MBA course, joint with Columbia University)

Advising and supervision

I have supervised and continue to supervise Msc students and undergraduate (EC831) dissertations. (More details, resources coming soon).

Resources for Students

Slides for incoming third years – includes dissertation tips

Top tips on writing your undergraduate dissertation at Essex (Economics)

Cochrane: Guide to writing a dissertation


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